In the study of music, most of the extended instrumental playing techniques, as well as electroacoustic music in general, are still deprived of conventional methods of notation. In order to facilitate the utilisation of these musical elements, this book develops a coherent and consistent notation system. It contains chapters on string instruments, wind instruments, percussion instruments, plucked instruments, keyboard instruments, and vocal techniques, as well as sound synthesis, audio processing, and sound recording. All relevant techniques are explained in detail. Previous methods of their notation are presented and discussed, as well as a simple and exact method of notation that may be combined with the traditional notation suggested for every technique. The book can be used as a guide on extended and electroacoustic instrumentation for composition students and lecturers, musicologists, composers, performers, music arrangers, sound engineers, and editors. Composers interested in augmented means of sound production are encouraged to employ the suggested system, elaborate it, or use it as a source of inspiration.


SVG-Dateien für Notationssoftware | SVG files for notation software

In diesem Ordner befinden sich die Notationsmethoden, die in Extended notation entwickelt wurden, als SVG-Dateien. Zudem sind auch übliche, nicht in Notationssoftware vorhandene Methoden enthalten. Der Ordner ist unvollständig, wird aber beständig aktualisiert. Letzte Aktualisierung: 05/03/2018

In this folder, one can find the methods of notation developed in Extended notation as SVG files. It also contains common methods that are not available in notation software. The file is incomplete, but will be updated constantly. Last update: 05/11/2018